Welcome to my world guys!

My name is Andreas Rudbæk Rabitz Firlings. I’m a young artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe).
What I do, might be kind of special to your eyes at the first place, but please give it some time and space. Try imagine how these artworks and mixtures of paintings and sculptures will mix in with the rest of your decor. Imagine how this artworks fit modern furnishing just as well as classics.

People think that because this is what we define as “Modern art ” this art must be kind of provocative and rebellion like, but that’s ended not my goal! I just hate ‘normal’ and searching for …. differentness. My art is abnormal.

I’m NOT a custom-makeing artist… I paint exactly what comes to my mind by my feelings and mood. BUT – there’s always a but… There’s one possibility. If you send me some photos of where you want your artwork to stand, I paint something that I think would fit in to the rest of the decor.

Enjoy your visit at the website and feel free to contact me for further happiness, if you have some questions or in order to get the price of a torso.

Best Regards

Andreas Firlings

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